Monday 9 February 2015

Time-travel through pictures

This is the first in a series of photos of places on and in the vicinity of the Time Trap Trail - a then and now. I will give a brief history of the locations.

Manette Street, (previously Rose Street) Soho.

(Not The Pillars of Hercules, but similar to how it would have looked)

Stop at the Pillars of Hercules pub on the left and take the left, Manette Street, which starts under the pub. You will pass a chapel on the left, Barnabas in Soho. At the end of Manette Street, turn left and cross at the first traffic lights and enter Denmark Street directly opposite. 

(Excerpt from the Trail)

When Jamie and Todd were recruited to the Holton gang, they went to burgle a house in Soho Square with Patch and Swiper.

Jamie tried to swallow but his throat was dry. The darkness seemed to press itself against him. Get a grip, he again told himself. Do the job. And don’t even think about ghosts… but then, he felt a presence - just as he had in Simon’s back room. Beads of sweat broke out on his forehead. Raising one arm to wipe them away, he turned sharply, and found himself staring into a face as pale as death.

Taken from Time Trap

In Victorian times, the short stretch of road was occupied by an organ builder, a maker of coach trimmings (it was close by to Long Acre, where the coaches were made) and a goldbeater who used to beat out ribbons of gold into gold leaf. This would have been supplied to the carriage trade also. The old goldbeater's premises was knocked down for an extension to Foyle's bookshop, (which has since moved). Look out for the replica goldbeater’s sign on the right, as you walk towards Charring Cross Road.

Number 14 was St Anne’s Workhouse from 1771 to 1837. The name of the street was changed after Dr Manette, one of the characters from Charles Dickens’ book A Tale of Two Cities, in the 1890's, who lived in the area.

I like this street with the pub built over it at one end, adjacent to Greek Street, its history, and it provides a link from Soho Square to Charring Cross Road


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