Author discusses time-travelling tale


By Shaun Guntrip

An author had his own time travelling experience as he returned to his hometown to tell children about his new book.

Richard Smith, a former pupil at Uphall Primary School in Uphall Road, Ilford, visited Highlands Primary, Highlands Gardens, Ilford, to sign books for the children.
The Year 5 pupils had been reading his book, Time Trap, as part of a school project and Liz Payne from the school, said: “The children really enjoyed it.”

“All the books were sold; even some year four and six pupils bought it.”
One child in particular, Sean Faria, managed to finish the book in just three days.

Richard gave Sean the thumbs-up in an email. He said: “Finishing the book in three days is impressive.”

The story involves two boys who get transported back to London in 1862 and features a self-guided walk where readers can visit the locations in the book through the capital’s streets.


Book Lover said...

This is fantastic! Love that kids are really enjoying reading!!!!

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