The Posse!

Aged 13, he is intelligent,
Since Jamie's dad took a very well paid job, moving into a big house and buying a nice car, he fell out of favour with Todd and the others. When the Riverside Posse was formed, Jamie wasn't invited to join, which left him vulnerable. Being useless at football and not making the school team left him even more ostracized. Jamie has excelled in astronomy ever since his Uncle Simon told him stories about Catherine, who was a fine and revered Victorian astronomer. 
Aged 13
Loves football
Hates school
Member of the Riverside Posse
Todd lives in a council house with his mum and siblings on a low budget. He bitterly resents Jamie's good fortune and makes him suffer for it, by excluding him entry to the gang. Todd gets solace from the gang, appreciating the camaraderie and togetherness. It also suits his character, where he can be mischievous and do daring things. He loves football and is in the school football team, which consists mainly of the gang. He's known as the Midfield General
Veteran of the First Afghan War
Hector is a lover of life, and makes the most out of any situation. His positivity has brought him huge rewards, both financially and having great experiences in life. Rising to captain in the British Army, before being wounded in action, Hector changed course in life to follow his passion; engineering. Working in America on the locomotives there, and working alongside Isambard Kingdom Brunel made him a wealthy man. In love with Catherine and asked her to marry him, but was turned down.
20 years younger than Hector, she is an esteemed astronomer, following her father, who died of cholera in the 1850's, into science. Catherine was good friends with Hector, and for a spell, they worked closely with each other.
The Holton Gang
The Holton Gang is led by a fearsome 22 year-old, who runs an organised outfit, where everyone has, and knows their job. He demands loyalty within the gang. They are banded together because they have to survive the cruel times and lack of welfare, unlike Todd's gang, who are together by choice.