Tuesday 19 November 2019

Time Trap II is now out, but here’s something about the first book – Time Trap.


                           Sequel to Time Trap 

                      The book with a London walk connected to the story

Once you’ve read Time Trap, you can bring the story to life, by following the Time Trap Trail. The Trail is a self-guided walk, which features London locations in the book. You’ll get to see parts of the capital, few might know, and it may enhance your knowledge of getting around the city. Working on the Trail certainly gave me a better understanding with the layout of London. (I recommend you go with an adult to be on the safe side, but make sure they’ve read it too, as I explain the locations related to the story) 

By following in Jamie’s and Todd’s footsteps, you’ll get to see the British Museum, the Holton gang’s hideout, which was in the vicinity of Seven Dials, an area once associated with crime and poverty, the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral and other places of interest. 

Take a look at the Certificate, which I will email you with your name and the date you completed the Trail - for you to print off – once you email me the answers to the observational questions on the Trail

Happy reading and sight-seeing!